How do I unlock all other lessons?

Updated Jun 11, 2020

Check access dates

If access dates were set at the beginning of the term, make sure the dates are set correctly to allow students to access the lessons. If you have questions about changing access dates, please see How to Set Lesson Access Dates.

Completing Prerequisites

Each course on HOL Cloud has two required prerequisite lessons: Getting Started and Laboratory Safety. Both lessons must be completed by each student using HOL content, as well, the prerequisite lessons must be completed for all other lessons to unlock.

Kit code

If students have completed the prerequisite lessons and the other lessons have not unlocked for them, they must either purchase the lab kit or enter the activation code on the lab kit box. For more information about unlocking with the kit code please see Why Is My Lesson Locked?

Contact your Regional Account Manager with specific questions regarding lab kits. 

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