How to use the HOL Cloud Gradebook

Updated Jun 04, 2020

Instructors can use this guide to help them navigate the HOL Cloud Gradebook.

1. Select the book icon, then select "Gradebook."

2. Select the student's name.

3. Select a completed lesson to begin grading.

Some sections of each lesson need to be checked and verified by instructors (denoted by the empty brown circles).

4. Select a section (ex: Exploration TYK), then select a question to grade. Scroll down to see the sample answer and student answer.

5. Scroll down to the Assign a Grade box to add points and comments to a graded item. Select save.

6. Grading will be complete when a "Total" grade appears.

The two sections that need to be instructor verified are Experimentation and Evaluation: Extension Qs.

If you are experiencing issues with grades transferring to the LMS grade book please read Grades Not Transferring into LMS

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