Biology FAQ

Updated May 15, 2020

With the v-scope what happens if they do something wrong?

The student would not be able to move forward with the subsequent steps.  Only once the student has completed the steps accurately and correctly, will they be able to move forward.

What slides do you have? Do have one of a hemocytometer, so they can count lymphocytes from lymph node or spleen in single cell suspension? Can I upload images I want them to see?

All slides shipped in our kits for Biology, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology courses are represented in the V-Scope image library. Hemocytometers are not available due to costs in kits. Instructors are not able to upload images into the V-scope library, as each slide consists of dozens of images to create the panning and focusing effects within the software. Instructors can upload supplemental images into the lab manual for students to view.

Are the containers inside the kits plastic or glass?

Any items subjected to heating are glass. For example, most beakers and all test tubes are borosilicate glass.

What kind of glassware is used for a titration?

Syringes with stopcock attachments are used in titrations.

What type of heat source is used?

A sterno canister burner and stand with wire mesh are used for heating solutions in glass beakers.

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