Odigia FAQ

Updated May 15, 2020

How are recorded or live lectures incorporated into the platform?

Recorded videos can be embedded in the platform from no matter where it is hosted (Youtube, Vimeo, etc). Currently, live video capabilities are not available.

Do students return equipment at the end of the semester?

No. If you not longer need the equipment, we recommend donating any unwanted equipment to a local high school.

Does the license fee cover everything for one student?

The license fee purchases the use of the Odigia platform and manuals for online learning. Any additional lab equipment would be purchased separately through ESL.

Is there an approximate cost for an introductory lab kit?

The prices for lab kits vary greatly depending on the curriculum needs of the instructor. Our sales team works with you to determine which lessons we offer best align with the syllabus and can determine a price then.

Can the lab kit be reused?

Typically, no. The supplies in the kit would be sufficient for one student for one semester.

If a course is two semesters, would the Odigia cost be incurred twice.

Typically, no. The supplies in the kit would be sufficient for one student for one semester.

Are there tools to prevent cheating during lab quizzes.

Since we integrate into your LMS, all of the cheating prevention measures in place there would work.

What support does Odigia offer instructors to help in the initial setup of courses?

A representative from Odigia will set up a 1-on-1 meeting with you to discuss and demo the resources available. Demo access is the provided to the instructor so they can explore the content available to ensure alignment with their syllabus. Following that, it typically takes 24 hours for Odigia to create your instance for review.

What happens if a student accidentally spills their reagents?

Contact our customer service and we can ship replacements.

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