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Updated May 15, 2020

Can evaluations be integrated with online learning systems such as Blackboard?

We integrate with multiple learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas, L2D/Brightspace, and Moodle.

Are all sessions done individually or are there virtual lab group options?

Lessons are designed to be completed individually. However, some instructors have introduced teleconferencing technology to their classes to enable collaboration.

Are your lessons ADA compliant?

We are ADA compliant and hold to WCAG 2.0AA.

Can evaluation questions be exported into our LMS?

While we do integrate with multiple LMS platforms, there is no way to export the content directly.

Can the students go back to things they did not get or remember? How much time do they get to read the information given?

Students can go back through to the Exploration areas. However, once they submit their work in the Evaluation stage, the instructor would need to unlock the lesson manually for students to return to it.

Can the students complete Exploration and come at a later time to do the Experimentation, etc?

They will be able to go through the Exploration if needed while they're going through the Experimentation. Students can begin and resume both the Exploration and Experimentation sections of lessons. Only the Evaluation section must be completed in its entirely without logging off.

If a student has a question, is there a support line they can call?

We have a customer support line that's available for students

When the student receives the kit, are the experiments individually packaged?

Experiments are not individually packaged as we reuse durable materials. However, there are "bags" of the non-durable items that may be specific to a lesson.

How is waste from the kits disposed of?

All chemicals shipped in kits are of volumes less than 5 mL so there is minimal wastes that students are required to dispose. Most of the liquid chemicals are safe to dispose of in the sink. Lab instructions clearly state that students are to dispose of all wastes in a manner accepted by local jurisdictions.

Are there any examples of institutions incorporating the HOL kit for on-campus labs?

We have had several schools use our kits for an on-campus opportunity as well. Community College of Denver has done this for some of their online and on ground courses.

Can students upload video in addition to photos?

We have not included that as an option in our HOL Cloud, but you can have them upload to either your LMS or have them emailed to you directly.

Is HOL Cloud compatible with Chromebooks?

Yes! Our platform can be used on different devices (including iPhones, Android, tablets, laptops, etc).

Are the assessments graded by the instructor?

The Data/Findings and Short Answers are graded by the instructor. The True/False, Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, and Labeling is graded automatically.

By what means does the system prevent cheating?

All HOL content can fully integrate into your LMS so any anti-cheating technology your currently employ will be applied to our content.

Do you have students sign a liability waiver?

Yes, they will have to sign this within the Laboratory Safety area. This covers the Liability Insurance for you, the student, and the school.

Do the students have to complete one lab before moving onto a different one or can they do multiple at one time?

That will be up to you to decide. We have several ways you can organize your course.

Is there a way to add an embed code for the instructor to include videos?

Absolutely! You'll have the opportunity to customize this accordingly.

Can the time for completing each section and assessments be adjusted?

Our timer only counts up to show students how much time they have spent. Our time guides are present merely to indicate how much time the average student should allot to complete the section.

How do you prevent student impersonation?

Have your student take a picture of themselves, with their kit, and their ID in the beginning of the class and then have them upload pics of them performing their experiments along the way. Most schools don't have a problem with students using other students to do their work, it's far too rigorous for that.

Is there a bulk discount if the school purchases multiple kits directly?

This would depend on the amount of kits that are purchased. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Once my institution has placed the order, how soon can I get access to the resources?

Once you've placed the order, we will have your Online Environment (HOL Platform) built within 48 hours. Your materials will then be available to ship. It also depends on your start date.

Are there easy ways to shorten labs? Our lab time is 2 hours, and it seems unfair to require more time online.

The time is only an estimate. Students can use the time that they will need to finish the sections.

Do the students get all the kits at once depending on which experiments are selected by the instructor or each kit arrives separately for each experiment?

Each kit comes as a whole package. They will then break open the kit to see all of the materials that they will use for the specific lesson.

Are videos ever used?

Some lessons include videos, and instructors can add videos if they wish.

Can I give access to another professor or TA?

Yes, we can provide limited access to TA's if requested.

Are the questions customizable? Or just the informational part of the lab manual?

Just the informational portion can be changed (not what's already on the cloud for the content). However, if you wanted to create your own course, you can use the Custom Lesson Authoring.  

From the time a student requests a lab box, how soon is it delivered to them?

The shipping time is anywhere from 7-10 business days. However, students can pay for expedited shipping if needed.

Is your kit pricing dependent upon the number of students enrolled in the course?

It doesn't matter how many students enroll. It's based off of the specific experiments that you're using.

Is the fee of the lessons included in the kits' fee?

Yes. There are no additional fees after a kit is purchased.

Are students able to make corrections?

Students get 2 chances to answer the "Test Your Knowledge" section.

Do we have to go through every single student's data tables, etc. individually to score the class?

Data tables and essay questions must be graded manually. Most other questions will be autograded.

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