Copying from a Master Course in Blackboard

Updated Feb 26, 2020

We've designed the HOL LTI so that it can be applied to a Blackboard Master Course without the need for further updates. These instructions are a guide to copy a Blackboard course from a Master. There are a few reasons you may want to do this:

  1. You have several section of the same course
  2. You are teaching the same course in subsequent semesters or terms
  3. You have several instructors teaching the same course

These instructions will help you save time and effort. If you need the instructions for initial setup again read Registering the HOL LTI as a Blackboard System Administrator or Setting up Lesson Hooks in Blackboard.

2. Scroll down and select the "Packages and Utilities" drop-down arrow (1). Select Course Copy (2).

3. Open the "Select Copy Type" drop-down menu and select "Copy Course Materials into a New Course."

4. Select "Browse" to find the empty course you will copy the master into.

5. Click "Select All".

6. Select the radio button for your preferred course file copying process.

7. Select the check box to include enrollments in the course copy.

8. Select "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save changes and copy the course.

If a system administrator clones a master course, an instructor only needs to enable the course registration (by clicking the link) to make it go live. You may be redirected to this screen (below) if you used a Master Course Hook. Fill in all sections and select "Complete Setup."

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