Register HOL Cloud as an LTI tool provider in Blackboard (Admin instructions)

Updated May 05, 2020

A Blackboard system administrator can integrate HOL Cloud using the LTI credentials found in an HOL course. If you need help locating the LTI credentials, follow the steps in Finding the Course and Lesson Hooks article.

1. Use the Tool Provider information from the settings page on HOL Cloud to register the HOL Platform as an LTI tool provider.

2. Select the System Admin tab in the top-right corner of the Blackboard ribbon.

4. Select the Register Provider Domain tab at the top of the ribbon.

5. Paste the HOL URL ( into the Provider Domain text box.

6. Select "Approved" or "Excluded" next to Provider Domain Status to approve or exclude institution users from changing the provider domain.

7. Select "Set separately for each link" next to Default Configuration.

The "Set Globally" function allows you to set the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret security functions. HOL recommends using the "Set separately for each link" function if institutions have more than one instructor using the tool.

8. Select "Send user data only over SSL" to allow user data to be sent over secured connections only.

SSL means the website is secure against threats like viruses and phishing. A secure site URL will appear as "https" rather than just "http." HOL does not recommend sending user data over unsecured connections.

9. Select all of the check boxes for User Fields to Send: "Role in Course," "Name," and "Email Address."

10. Select the "Yes" or "No" radio button next to Allow Membership Service Access to give or restrict permission for institution users to request roster information before student users access the tool.

11. Select the "Yes" or "No" radio button next to Show User Acknowledgment Message to allow or restrict permission for a message to appear once a user completes registration.

12. Select "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save all changes.

You'll be taken back to the LTI Tool Providers page and will see the new provider domain in the list. Expand the "Adjust the placement method" directions below to complete the placement process (may depend on version of Blackboard). If you prefer to create web links instead of placements please refer to the Setting up Lesson Hooks in Blackboard article.

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